Naturally born with a bigger frame, Pear often felt pressured by the people around her to conform to beauty standards set by social media and Thai society. In hopes of losing weight to appease the condescending voices around her, Pear started a regimen of heavy weightlifting and extreme fasting. She would often forgo eating despite her rigorous workout routine. She believed that this lifestyle would lead to acceptance and happiness.

After a few years of this living this way, Pear developed acute gastritis, which led to her sudden hospitalization. Even though her regimen was meant to make herself feel better, Pear felt much worse than she did before. While receiving care, she reflected on her journey and discovered the importance of self-love.

“Why do I feel the need to make these great changes to my own body in order to please others?”

From then on, Pear made it her priority to take care of herself for herself as best as she can. As part of her recovery, Pear developed a plant-based diet and started practicing yoga to slowly ease back into weightlifting. While practicing yoga, she saw that many studios in Bangkok placed an importance on performing difficult and elegant poses, as opposed to the traditional purpose of yoga, which is to focus on your practice and find peace in your own way.

Eventually, Pear discovered Acro-Yoga, a practice that combines acrobatics with traditional yoga poses. With her background in weightlifting, Pear excelled in Acro-Yoga and found joy in it. She also learned about meditation and the different practices of self-love to bring joy to herself.

Inspiration Behind

After her journey to discovering self-love and acceptance, Pear established Atha, her very own yoga studio, in order to create a safe space for everyone to practice yoga the way they want without fear of judgment. She would like to share what she has learned to encourage others to live a self-fulfilling life. Practitioners of all levels are welcome to Atha, no matter where they are on their journey.

During her own practice, Pear constantly reminds herself to let go of any expectations. Instead, she allows her current state of mind and body define what the practice should entail. Pear believes in listening to yourself and never going beyond what you are comfortable doing. She carries this value to her classes. Some days, you might be craving a strong, dynamic flow. At other times, you might want to relax and tune in to your mind and body after a long day.

This belief has inspired her very own yoga route, aptly named Peace of Pear. The route contains a variety of group classes tailored for different moods. Practitioners are free to join any classes offered during the day to find that balance between the mind and body.

The Peace of Pear Route guides you through your journey of self-discovery with the help of modern yoga practices. The Route is comprised of four paths, each with its own purpose and series of classes.

The four paths include: Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Strength, and Sound Healing.

Tune in to your needs for the day, and choose the path that you wish to take. Let go of your expectations and set the intention to be kind to yourself during each practice. Empower yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations. Create that positive experience with yourself, for yourself.

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