Who knew eating healthy can be fun and exciting? With our special DIY yogurt set, you can create your very own yogurt bowl to your liking. We currently offer two options: dairy vanilla greek yogurt and vegan coconut yogurt. Add some of our homemade sauce and granola to the mix and top with some fruits for a splash of color. Tap into your creative side, and create your own masterpiece!

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Our premium homemade granola is a wholesome treat with a delightful taste. Packed with healthy ingredients, you can enjoy it with yogurt, fresh fruits, and even milk! We currently offer three flavors of granola: Original, Cacao, and Chai. All of our granola is vegan and gluten-free!

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Craving for refreshment? We proudly present our organic cold brew coffee and tea to offer for your choices of refreshments. Let’s refresh your day and enjoy our refreshing cold brews!

Grab our Cold Brew Coffee in bold flavors and unique aroma for a great way to kickstart your day feeling energized or our Cold Brew Tea with fruity fragrance for a more relaxingly refreshment choice.

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